Operational Overview

Special Operations Group-Tactical is an operation that has come together with the training mission of serving the Law Enforcement community’s Special Weapons and Tactics Teams,Special Response Teams, Special Enforcement Teams andanyone interested intraining for these types of special interest positions.


The secondary mission is to train military personnel, active and reserve component units in the various tactics and operations that are so important to survival during deployment in hostile areas or situations.


An additional mission SOG-Tactical has assumed is that of training Private Security Officers in the applicable courses. As has been recently demonstrated during hurricane Katrina and other such disasters in which Private Security Officers have had to deploy in a tactical environment to help Law Enforcement keep the peace and protect property.


The course topics range from Introduction to firearms, handguns, rifles and shotguns, and progresses up to advanced firearm shooting techniques and tactics. The Staff are all US Army Special Forces veterans, as well as, many having retired from Law Enforcement, others with experience in training military personnel at the Special Forces Command level, in various co-related fields. The student will experience training that will begin with static position shootingand progress to shooting on the move, Close Quarters Battle drills, Clearing rooms and buildings, etc.


The training programs Special Operations Group-Tactical has compiled are real world situations. The student will find the programs to be physically challenging and energy consuming. The adrenalin will run through your veins as nothing else has ever made you feel. Keeping in mind that SAFETY is always the controlling factor in our programs.


We hope to give you an exciting adventure in the use of tactical weaponry and it’s deployment. We want you to walk away with the knowledge necessary to prevail in tactical situations whether your deployment is in the US, helping our own or overseas, helping others in the defense of their nation.


Knowledge is the key to defense and SOG-Tactical is here to give you that knowledge.





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