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Basic Handgun Skills

This course will provide the beginning to intermediate shooter with the basic skills of; drawing techniques, target acquisition, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control and trigger techniques. The shooter is responsible to provide their firearm, all necessary equipment and either bring or order, two weeks in advance, from SOG-Tactical, 250 rounds of ammo.


Combat Shooting

This course begins with a brief refresher of the safety procedures for all weapons and the emergency actions for clearing jammed or misfire rounds. The Combat Shooting Course is designed to teach the shooter the advanced forms of acquiring a target or multiple targets and to engage the target/s by immediate action without having to depend on the weapons sights. The military refers to this form of shooting as "Train Fire." Today many instructors may refer to it as "Point shooting," or "Instinct Shooting."


The shooter is responsible to provide the necessary equipment for the course to include 300 rounds of ammo for their weapon. You may order your ammo from SOG-Tactical at least two weeks in advance.


Low Light/Night Shooting

This course of fire begins in a low light environment and progresses into a minimum light or no light situation. The course includes the use of flashlight shooting and other low or no light techniques. The methods and techniques of fire are similar to those of the Combat Shooting Course, but in the dark. The shooter is responsible to provide all equipment required for the course as well as 300 rounds of ammo. Ammunition may be ordered from SOG-Tactical at least two weeks in advance.




Basic Tactical Shotgun Course

This course is designed to teach the shooter the basic tactics for deployment of a shotgun in a home, business or tactical situation. The shooter must provide the weapon and all equipment necessary for the course. The course teaches safety techniques for shotguns, target acquisition, engagement, patterning, single and multiple targets, skip shooting and other such subjects. The student must provide 100 rounds of 12 gauge, #6 bird shot, 20 rounds of 00 buckshot and 10 rounds of 1 oz. lead slugs.


Combat Shotgun Course

The combat shotgun course is designed to review the shotgun safety and then move into the tactical use of the shotgun in a combat environment. The tactical use of the shotgun as a combat weapon for use by Entry Teams, use against multiple targets, the methods of patterning your shots, use of various types of shotgun ammunition, Skip Shooting and other such tactics. Tactics of Transition from shotgun to handgun and back to shotgun from handgun. The shooter must provide the handgun and 300 rounds of ammunition, the shotgun with a tactical sling and 100 rounds of #6 bird shot, 50 rounds of 00 buck shot, 25 rounds of 1 ounce shotgun slugs and the tactical equipment required or commonly used in deployed situations.




Introduction to Basic Rifle Skills

This course will introduce the beginning shooter to basic rifle skills, which includes; weapon safety and zeroing of their weapon. Shooting fundamentals of target acquisition, sight alignment and sight picture, breath control and trigger squeeze. These practices will lead into marksmanship drills, basic loading and tactical reloading drills, along with malfunction and emergency action drills.

Equipment required: tactical rifle with iron sights or *combat optics and *tactical sling mounted, minimum 4 magazines, *400 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, note-taking materials, *shooting mat optional.

Intermediate Rifle Skills

This course is designed to introduce the operator to the sound fundamentals of shooting. The Operator will be enabled, through this training to effectively engage and neutralize immediate and eminent threats out to 100 meters. The objectives of this course is to train the Operator in; weapons safety, zero and conformation of zero in the weapon, varied forms of marksmanship techniques, shooting from multiple positions (shoot and scoot), shooting multiple targets, speed or combat reloading, turn and shoot, in the open use of and shooting from cover. The Operator must have completed the Basic Rifle Course at SOG-Tactical, or another school acknowledged by SOG-Tactical, before they are allowed to attend this course.

Equipment required: tactical rifle with iron sights or *combat optics and tactical *sling attached, four magazines minimum with *pouches or *LBV, *400 rounds of ammunition, *body armor, eye and ear protection and note-taking materials, *shooting mat optional.

Advanced Operator Rifle Skills

A firearm in the hands of a competent shooter is without a doubt the most formidable weapon available. This course is designed to give the Operator a maximum amount of time behind his weapon, both rifle and handgun, in various tactical situations. The course begins with a review of safety principles for the movement with loaded weapons, acquisition of targets while on the move, use of cover while moving, engaging multiple targets while on the move, tactical re-loading and immediate action drills for malfunctions, failure to fed and other stoppages and transitioning from handgun to rifle and rifle back to handgun.

The course begins with verifying or zeroing the Operators weapons, reviewing stoppage drills, speed reloading techniques, the use of cover while moving and shooting on the move, making stationary and moving turns, engaging multiple targets, transitions of one weapon to the other and weapons retention. The final operation is conducted in the “shoot house.” This operation begins with room clearing and progresses into house or building clearing. The teams will move into the shoot house tactically to clear the location. They will conduct transitions from weapon to weapon engaging and neutralizing any target that is hostile or may present a danger to them.


The course objective is to build within the Operator a high degree of self-confidence, self-discipline and tactical awareness. To instill in the Operators confidence in their skills, tactics, and weapons through what they have learned as a result of this training. The Operator must complete an acceptable Intermediate Rifle Operator’s Course prior to acceptance to this course.

Equipment requirements: tactical rifle with iron sights or *combat optics and *tactical sling, 6 magazines with *pouches or *LBV, *600 rounds of ammunition, *body armor, eye/ear protection and note-taking materials, *shooting mat is optional.

NOTE: The items above marked * are items the operator/student may purchase from SOG-Tactical. The ammunition requires a pre-paid order of not less than two (2) weeks before the course you are attending. The other items may be purchased at our office, or ordered through our website. Some items may be purchased at the shooting venue on the day of the event.


The following items are recommended for the intermediate and advanced courses; Body armor (we are the Orange County dealers for US Armor, Inc.), Load Bearing Vest, drop leg or belt mounted holster for sidearm with magazine pouches, Magazine pouches for rifle mags (if no LBV), water source either canteen or bottled or hydration unit, hat or cap, knee protectors, shooting mat, gloves, sun and shooting glasses or goggles, sun-screen and any other items or equipment the Operator feels is necessary or required to have by their employer or department.





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